Movable chords are closed position voicings that provide the ability to play in various keys. The chord name is based on the root, shown as a red dot.

GCEA - m7b5   

Root on 4th string Root on 3rd string Root on 2nd string Root on 1st string
FretChord FretChord FretChord FretChord
1Abm7b5 1C#m7b5 1Fm7b5 1Bbm7b5
2Am7b5 2Dm7b5 2F#m7b5 2Bm7b5
3Bbm7b5 3Ebm7b5 3Gm7b5 3Cm7b5
4Bm7b5 4Em7b5 4Abm7b5 4C#m7b5
5Cm7b5 5Fm7b5 5Am7b5 5Dm7b5
6C#m7b5 6F#m7b5 6Bbm7b5 6Ebm7b5
7Dm7b5 7Gm7b5 7Bm7b5 7Em7b5
8Ebm7b5 8Abm7b5 8Cm7b5 8Fm7b5
9Em7b5 9Am7b5 9C#m7b5 9F#m7b5
10Fm7b5 10Bbm7b5 10Dm7b5 10Gm7b5
11F#m7b5 11Bm7b5 11Ebm7b5 11Abm7b5
12Gm7b5 12Cm7b5 12Em7b5 12Am7b5

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