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Ukulele Fret Tab Program


Fret Tab is a simplified redesign of the basic tablature format, using a layout consisting of a sequence of notes overlaid on a fretboard-like structure. It is intended for those that want a quick way to capture a basic melody, ukulele teachers and individual instructors, and for those that may be intimidated by more complex Ukulele Tablature features.


Fret Tab can be used in a teaching setting to create simple Ukulele melodies for students. The color version supports Aquila Kids strings.

Aquila Kids


The Copy button makes it easy to enter Uke tab and chords in your document. Simply select or enter your desired font size and click the Copy button and paste into your document.

Aquila Kids


Fret Tab includes basic Ukulele chords that can be integrated with tablature, or to create Uke chord melodies.

Aquila Kids


Fret Tab supports ukulele tuned GCEA. The apps are available in black and white for Windows, and in both black and white and color for Macintosh. The color version includes both full color and grey display.

Ukulele Tablature Program


Fret Tab includes a copy/paste button to simplify entry. Character and Keystroke information is also provided for keyboard entry. The tablature can be displayed in full color or color/grey on Macintosh. The Windows version is only available in Black and white.

Ukulele Tab App

Fret Tab contains standard and advanced Ukulele chords. Here are the tablature and chord sets included with the app:

String Tabs
Bar line
Line Spacers



Sample Tab and Chords


Fret Tab includes a basic set of chords formatted for tablature, and a set of advanced chords. Chords sets are available in color and black/white outline for Macintosh and in black/white outline for Windows and Macintosh.

Fret Tab contains basic chords. Here are the chord sets and examples included with the app (Color app shown - Macintosh only):

Chord set


Fret Tab apps are available for both Macintosh and Windows. Purchase includes both Mac and Windows versions. Fret Tab Color version is only available for Macintosh.

The download format for Macintosh Fret Tab apps is a dmg file. The dmg file includes the app, custom fonts, and a Read Me file covering installation and app usage. The download format for the Windows Fret Tab app is a zip file. The zip file includes the app, resource files, custom fonts, and a Read Me file covering installation and app usage.

Q:  Why is there no color app for Windows?

A:  One would think color fonts are common, but the truth is the technology is fairly new. Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google are all working on color fonts, but they are incompatible, and Microsoft color fonts do not support current apps, including MS Word. Apple uses their own technology and Fret Tab works with most Macintosh apps, including Bean, Byword, Pages, and TextEdit.

Q:  I need more advanced features.

A:  Fret Tab was designed as a simple reimagining of standard tablature. It is intended for creating simple tablature notation, riffs, and basic chord progressions. A much more advanced app is TablEdit, an excellent full featured app that supports tablature, notation, and midi sound playback. There is a free version (TEFview), and a paid version. I have a small set of TablEdit tunes for Ukulele, and almost 3,000 TablEdit tunes for Mandolin.


If you decide to purchase the full version of TablEdit, I would appreciate it if you buy from this link to help support UkeFarm, Mandozine, and Mandozine Radio. I get a small commission from the publisher of TablEdit.

All apps are code-signed. The site and checkout window are always secure.

Fret Tab for Ukulele
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