We Need Your Help.

In 2006 Ukefarm was launched by John Baxter. The site has provided artists and enthusiasts a chance to learn techniques, study styles, and utilize Chordette, an app for creating chord sheets. John Baxter passed away from cancer late last year.

Our goal for the summer of 2019 is to keep Ukefarm online. The costs to maintain the site are expensive and must be paid for the upcoming year.

Thanks to generous sales of Chordette, we are on our way to reaching our goal to resolve past due and future payments, but we still need help.

If you are able to donate, your funds will have a dramatic impact towards keeping Ukefarm alive.

Ukulele Resources
Scales, chord groups, movable chords, fretboard, Transpose chart. They are all here. All files are available as PDFs for download.