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Chordette Uke Chord Software


Chordette is a chord library program that can be used as a stand-alone application for looking up chords, or in conjunction with a word processing program for creating song sheets or chord charts. Chordette is available for multiple tunings for Windows and macOS.

Chordette has been used by numerous Ukulele Clubs to create song sheets and song books for meetings. Chordette has been used to include ukulele chords in three music books. The Chordette custom chord fonts have been used in iOS apps.


The Copy Chord button makes it easy to enter tab and chords in your document. Simply select or enter your desired font size, click the Copy Chord button, and paste into your document.

Copy Ukulele Chord

Chordette works in conjunction with your word processor of choice. Create song sheets, chord charts, or your own chord book with just the chords you want. Select between 1st position and 2nd position chords.


Chordette supports multiple tunings, for both Mac and Windows. All apps use the same chord set and keyboard mapping. If you play multiple instruments, you can create a song sheet for one, and use another app to reformat for the second instrument.

Chordette for Education


Most tunings support multiple instruments. Chordette includes a copy/paste button to simplify chord entry. Character and Keystroke information is also provided for keyboard entry.

Tuning Chart


Chordette apps are available for both macOS and Windows. Soprano Uke tuned ADF#B is a free download, which can also be used as a demo.

The download format for macOS Chordette apps is a dmg file. The dmg file included the app, custom chord fonts, and a Read Me file covering installation and app usage. The download format for Windows Chordette apps is a zip file. The zip file includes the app, resource files, custom fonts, and a Read Me file covering installation and app usage. Here is the Read Me file that is included: