Chordette is a chord library program that can used as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with a word processing program, such as Word. As a stand-alone, it provides a handy interface for looking at chords in first and second position on the fretboard. When used with a word processing program, chord charts can be built by using the keystroke information for mapping the chords. Chordette requires eight chord fonts, which are included with the application.

New Versions of Chordette Coming Soon!

Chordette was released on Feb 12, 2007. The development platform used has long been discontinued. To keep Chordette up to date, I have completely recoded the app for modern Operating Systems. The good news is that while I was at it, I developed versions supporting multiple tunings, for both Mac and Windows. These new versions include a copy/paste button to simplify chord entry. The new apps will be low cost paid versions. Those that have donated to the previous free app during the last three years will be given a free upgrade. I hope to launch the new apps sometime in February, 2017.