Chordette is a ukulele chord library program that can used as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with a word processing program, such as Word. As a stand-alone, it provides a handy interface for looking at uke chords in first and second position on the fretboard. When used with a word processing program, chord charts can be built by using the keystroke information for mapping the chords.

Chordette requires eight uke chord fonts, which are included with the application. The application and fonts are available as shareware, any donation will be greatly appreciated. Donations will be used to maintain the Ukefarm Web site and Ukefarm Radio.

Chordette is available for OSX and Windows.

There are two versions of Chordette:

Chordette for Ukulele (GCEA tuning)
Chordette for Baritone Uke (DGBE tuning) [OS X only]

Leonard Kaufer from Santa Cruz, CA created Chordette tutorials on YouTube. Thank you Leonard. Nice Job!

Chordette Tutorial 1

Chordette Tutorial 2